A pixelated adventure through the human subconscious


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Anodyne is an action, platform, and adventure game with gameplay and aesthetics similar to the Zelda saga. In it you play a young man who ventures through a series of abstract 160x160 pixel rooms that evoke different states of the human mind.

In these rooms you'll have to fight many different enemies (including bosses), solve puzzles, or overcome obstacles. To do so you have to count on your own ability and some other surprises that you'll find on your adventure.

At the artistic level, Anodyne is an excellent game. The graphics, as mentioned above, are reminiscent of Zelda: A Link to the Past in a very gratifying way (although they actually resemble practically any Super Nintendo game). The soundtrack, for its part, is very evocative and has some remarkable pieces.

Anodyne is a very interesting adventure game that, besides being fun and including an addictive gameplay, has an gripping story full of hidden details for more curious players to discover.

The demo only lets you play the first part of the adventure.

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